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There are millions of pictures available on the Internet today. But finding and downloading them with your browser is a long and painful way. You have to make millions of mouse clicks, download millions of banners and thumbnails.

1ClickWebSlideShow lets you to turn any graphic intensive Web Site into the real-time slide show. 1ClickWebSlideShow will search a given site for images and download them to your hard disk. The built-in image viewer shows images using high-quality resampling algorythm to fit each image exactly to your screen size. Superfast HTML parsing algorythm filters all banners and thumbnails.

Import/Export/Download projects feature let's you exchange your 1ClickWebSlideShow projects with ease.

1ClickWebSlideShow is a screen saver which never ends and an image gallery with unlimited number of categories and pictures.

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Omen 100x100
Omen 100x100