About Us

Rudenko Software, founded in 1994 as a wholly owned business of Mykola Rudenko, is focused on the development, marketing, distribution and support of leading Web-based software in a variety of categories. 

Rudenko Software is able to meet increasing consumer demand for high quality software, while ensuring secure online sales transactions, immediate product delivery and unparalleled support, all for a positive online buying experience. 

Rudenko Software's award winning programs are feature rich, designed with power and functionality in mind, yet presented in an easy-to-use graphical interface to support power users and novices alike. Rudenko Software is continually working to improve existing products and services, as well as introduce new ones to satisfy specific on-line needs. Whether you're looking for innovative software or a technologically-savvy sales and marketing force for your products, Rudenko Software has the tools that will help you stay competitive well into the 21st century.